About The Program

Move Your Mind was founded in 2019 by Keaton Moore who sadly lost his partner Mairead who had been struggling with her Mental Health. Keaton, a personal trainer, had been designing the Move Your Mind program and was due to launch in January 2019 with Mairead joining the program, but she unfortunately took her own life in October 2 months previous.

Although grief stricken and heartbroken, Keaton decided to still launch the program in memory of Mairead. The response of the program picked up pace & within a few weeks hundreds of people across the city where reaching out for help. The majority of those people would struggle to pay for gym memberships & PT sessions. Keaton decided to launch Move Your Mind as an activewear clothing brand to be the main source of funding for the program and as an incentive for people to support, he uses 10% of each item he sells to help those who need it most, free of charge.

The self awareness program consists of boot camp style training, movement/yoga, meditation/relaxation techniques and group discussions. Offering the program to different counselling services, suicide awareness/prevention groups across the city and even families worried about a loved one helping over 60 people in their first year.